Binghatti Developers sign an
agreement with Emirates Islamic Bank

Binghatti Developers sign an agreement with Emirates Islamic Bank

*The agreement provides preferential credit facilities for all our customers, said Muhammad Binghatti


Binghatti Developers signed a agreement with Emirates Islamic Bank to enhance mutual cooperation and develop the consumers’ experience, while serving the UAE real estate sector.

The agreement was signed at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in the Dubai International Financial Center on Wednesday, June 1, 2022. Eng. Muhammad Binghatti, CEO of Binghatti Developers, and Emirates Islamic Bank CEO, Salah Amin, attended the signing ceremony.

“The agreement aims to provide resources and support to joint customers, facilitate housing loans procedures , while exempting customers from paying specific fees, and offer the best rate of return on loans,” said Muhammad Binghatti.

He revealed that the agreement will provide preferential terms to all Binghatti clients in terms of rates of return or fees.

The CEO stressed the keenness of “Binghatti Developers to develop their customers’ purchase experience and provide the best service in the real estate sector, which is witnessing great momentum amid unprecedented record real estate sales in the Emirate of Dubai.

Muhammad Binghatti pointed out that the company seeks to achieve integration in the real estate sector and respond to market changes in terms of quality with the state-of-the-art designs.

He confirmed their properties are characterized by the orange color, which contributes to creating a link between customers and distinctive buildings, whether in colors, designs or psychological comfort.

He stressed that the agreement with Emirates Islamic Bank enables boosting sales and diversifying payment options for investors with the best terms, thus enhancing the competitiveness of Binghatti Developers’ projects while boosting increase of their market share in Dubai.

“We contributed to changing people’s perception of real estate by introducing the idea of incorporating art into real estate properties,” Muhammad said.


The CEO stated that the company aim to double the value of their real estate portfolio up to Dhs6bn within less than two years, by focusing on construction projects in the most demanded areas in Dubai, especially in the center of the emirate instead of the suburbs.

Binghatti believes that their marketing policy does not depend on allocating huge budgets to promote or publish ad campaigns on the highways, but the products themselves are the icons that make the promotion.

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